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Cover of 'Trust and Act: 30 Days of Faith in Action' – a devotional journal designed for Christian women to deepen their faith through scripture, personal reflection, and growth challenges. A beautifully crafted journal fostering a conversation between the reader and God, with opportunities to journal and embark on a transformative 30-day journey. Available soon for purchase. #DevotionalJournal #FaithInAction #TrustAndAct"

Are you in pursuit of a deeper relationship with Christ?

 It’s time to dive into a transformative journey with “Trust and Act: 30 Days of Faith in Action.”

This devotional journal for Christians offers a unique blend of scripture, personal reflection, and growth challenges. Dive into a meaningful conversation with God, using journaling as a tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth, as you challenge yourself to act out your faith.

Is lacking confidence negatively effecting your life?

Through Bible based coaching, I help Christian women gain confidence,deepen their relationship with God, set boundaries without guilt, and reclaim thier time.

Christian women can have success in imporving thier confidence

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Are you tired of constantly seeking approval from others, sacrificing your own needs and values in the process?

Are you tired of constantly seeking approval from others, sacrificing your own needs and values in the process?

It’s time to break free from the cycle of approval addiction and reclaim your life and relationships. This book is a comprehensive guide for Christian women who struggle with approval addiction. Through the five steps outlined in this book, you will learn…

You might be lacking confidence if:

You have low self-esteem

You second guess your decisions

You say "Yes" so that people will like you

You are afraid of conflict

Life coaching can help you develop deeper relationships

You feel distant from God

You feel like a doormat

You have surface realtionships

You feel guilty about setting boudnaries

Time management

You miss deadlines and goals

You overcommit your time

You don't have time for God

You don't have time for yourself

Does this sound like you?

Here's your path to overcome build your confidence.
Learn how to raise your self image

Address past hurts that block your path

Use Biblical Truth to displace negativity

Develop daily routines for growth

Explore your purpose, dreams and goals

Build bridges for healthy relationships

Build boundaries against toxic pattern

Develop a plan to draw you closer to God

Strengthen positive connections

Get control of your schedule

Discover the value of your time

Connect with your passion

Set goals that align with your desires

Use new boundaries to balance your schedule


Learning how to say no will give you more time to pursue your dreams

Coach Talia was great! I wanted to have a deeper connection with God. Talia gave me the tools to find my own way to connect with God daily. I feel more confident in my decisions. I also have more discernment. -Sheridan Quinn

Do you feel distant from God

Talia guided me to a plan to hit my goals. I am more confident in the steps I need to take. And I am excited to pursue my goals because I finally have a plan. I couldn't have done it without Talia's coaching. -Monet Parret

I'm your Christian life coach, Talia

Do you have syptoms of being lacking confidence?

Low self-esteem, distant from God, no time for yourself... I know all about that life. I was where you are now. I internalized my childhood disappointments to mean that I was not worthy of being cared for. That I was not valuable enough to obtain attention. So through...

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